Red Knight

At great battles, places of carnage, or simply in a place where violence is yet to come one can find a red knight. As no more than a single knight has been seen at one time, it cannot be said for certain that there are more than one knight, but difference in their armor and fighting styles seem to indicate that the red knights are legion.

Standing near 7' tall and clad in red enameled plate armor, the red knights are fearsome foes. The red knight will challenge who it judges to be the most worthy combatant and will never yield once battle has begun. The danger is that understanding who the red knight believes is the most worthy combatant is often not understood. They call out their challenge, but a seemingly innocent green soldier may face a red knight's wrath while a veteran may be ignored.

But they fight fairly once engaged, following some code of chivalry, and will even wait for an opponent to reclaim a fallen weapon before setting on them again. While not inherently evil, red knights are known to associate with Mind Wizards, and like them, their lair or home is unknown.

There are some red knights which associate themselves with a single place for long amounts of time. Vunterdua, the Red Knight of Aldsburg (who is associated with both Narkul and The Wyrd) is one of these which makes a regular appearance on Mid-Winter. Vunterdua is likely not a true Red Knight. Nonetheless, something comes hunting these monsters and hangs their bodies. None have truly seen Vunterdua and lived to tell the tale, although fleeting glimpses of red capes and a huge bloody goat surface from time to time.

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