Religion: Narkul

Narkul is an ancient god that has been worshiped and revered in Aldsburg since the founding of the city. Locals will thank Narkul for for a bountiful trade or curse him for foul weather, but of the actual religion of Narkul - the rites and rituals - little is known. He is a mysterious god and none would cross him.

Clerics and adherents of Narkul are (no matter what they were before) of the lowest social caste - scum to be avoided as they squat in filthy rags and shake bowls begging for scraps of food and spare coins. Yet, as maligned as the priests of the God of Spires may be, none would lay a finger on the priests for they are considered beyond untouchable. To harm an adept of Narkul is to invite the wrath of the god and the city itself down upon you.

There are rumored to be clerics of Narkul - adventurers that have taken him into their breast. They are few and far between and they keep their mouths shut about the beliefs and rites they follow. They wield considerable power from both a social aspect (for who would disobey the word of an avatar of the god of the city?) as well as skill with strange weapons and dark prayers made manifest by the will of Narkul.

Rumor has it that the Patrician of Aldsburg is attempting to infiltrate or destroy the church of Narkul because it represents a potential threat to his otherwise absolute power.

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