House Rules

Every good game needs house rules - otherwise you are playing another person's game.

Tracking the weight of everything is boring. Characters can carry a number of things up to 2/3 of their strength without penalty, then up to 5/4 of STR at -1 to attack, defense, speed, and skill requiring being light on one's feet (-5% actually). Everything thing after that is a cumulative -1. Ephemera are things that don't count toward weight.

Along these lines, dealing with things like backpacks, pouches, and tracking containers is not needed as it gets boring and fiddly in a more cinematic style campaign. Adventurers have these sorts of things on them.

Most of the tactical rules have been removed to make combat more strategic and cinematic.

All skill rolls are opposed and most skills that are "social" are removed to allow players to role play instead of roll dice. A few additional skills exist as well - they'll be documented eventually.

This are now handed out when the GM decides the group or an individual has learned something.

This is now handed out at leveling and when character create challenges or use their quirks and flaws to disadvantage themselves.

Gear [I'm working on this section now]
Equipment is a precious commodity in the 7th Age. Adventuring gear is hard to find - there aren't shops that have "adventuring supplies" laying about. And once out of Aldsburg good luck finding a new sword in that village (good luck finding the village). Gear quality is also suspect - the most common weapons are made of bronze. Iron is occasionally available at a price, and steel is something folks know about but don't see too often. Weapons degrade while armor and shields are slowly ruined by critical hits and penetrating damage rolls. Shields also shatter per the rules as written.

Mage Rules [I'm working on this section now]
Spell Point Debt
Free Casting
Magic House Rules Charts and Tables

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