In Aldsburg Dwarf are thought to live within the mountains, specifically within the Ramhorn Mountains. While there are rumors that trade with the dwarfs has started back up, most people believe them to be fairy tales or creatures from a previous Age.

  • The Dwarf language sounds like demonic gibberish - listening to it too long will rot your brain.
  • Dwarfs eat rocks to be closer to the underworld and they drink to suppress the Dark Rage.
  • Dwarfs like to go naked and waggle their junk at people.
  • Dwarfs hate wizards more than they hate dragons (which is a lot).

Someone found a book once and it had the following to say:
The dwarfs lost their war with the Underworld. They are a homeless lot, wandering miners and mercenaries that scrape by doing dangerous things and drink away their earnings. They are a dour folk who are generally unpleasant, far too serious, and tend to wax on about the old days of the Grand Kingdom. There aren't many dwarf alive today that can truly remember the Grand Kingdom, but the dwarvish skald tend to keep stories (and pain) alive in memory.

Numerous dwarf clans once existed, and it is said that it was their constant bickering that caused the dwarf kingdoms to fall. It is strongly advised for all travelers to avoid this discussion. Nonetheless, if more than one dwarf is nearby, they tend to begin to argue the finer points of long dead politics, the obvious outcomes and results of the politics, and how it is likely that the other dwarf's ancestors were likely the reason for the loss of Jort Hyen or Ythmor Hall. As these discussions are often soaked in ale, they reliably end in a brawl.

This behavior, plus the utilitarian nature of the dwarf life (although they do seem to have some sort of soft spot for foppish hats and complex beard weaving patterns) is why folks tend to steer clear of the stout fellows. They tend to bring trouble, or are the harbingers of dangerous times. The other reason for this is that many (1-2 on 1d6) dwarfs have an innate skill of Dungeon Lore (instead of Mining) and are likely to discover a dungeon bloom in the nearby vicinity.

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