Lore of the Underworld
  • The Underworld is not just underground, it is another place that moves into this world
  • New dungeons bloom in places that are filled with evil or are left neglected and abandoned
  • People who let the Underworld into themselves can go Hollow
  • Adventurers have a touch of the Underworld in them … which is why they (can? must?) explore dungeons
  • Every dungeon has (is?) an entrance into the underworld, and all dungeons are connected or reflections of the Perilous Halls of Sorrow.
  • Wizards are all infected with dungeon bloom - it eats at their minds and gives them spells as rewards for wicked acts.
  • If you slice open a giant, you can see the paths of the Great Labyrinth on his bones.
  • Fragments of the Phoenix Ascendants can still be found.
  • The Undercity of Aldsburg is riddled with entrances to the Underworld
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