Death Sorcerer

The Mind Wizards are bastards, but the Death Sorcerers are cruel beyond words. Having made a pact with an avatar of Death (related to but not The Wyrd), they comb the lands raising armies of undead and demanding the sacrifice of the young and nubile. Where the Mind Wizards play at subtlety until they have achieved power, a Death Sorcerer comes on strong and brutal and doesn't stop until utterly eradicated.

It isn't known if each Death Sorcerer is part of a greater cult as they have only ever (thankfully) been encountered as individuals. Perhaps they don't get along, perhaps their attacks are some form of initiation, or perhaps they truly are individuals that have all made the same vile necromantic pact. The one thing that everyone knows for certain is that every known Death Sorcerer is female of incredibly physical beauty.

When they aren't out digging through worm-infested graves searching for the next corpse to raise as part of a freakish mount or attempting to bind the spirit of a demon to the rotting flesh of a giant, Death Sorcerers are want to wander through towns seducing fools to join their ranks of worshipers. It is whispered that they are wearing the animated flesh of a local victim to blend into the population until they unleash hell. Rumors also say that they explode in a shower of maggots when a death blow is struck, so the truth may be unknowable.

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