Campaign Concepts

There are 5 basic tenets for this campaign:

  1. The adventure and game play will be player driven.
  2. Player input into the state and nature of the setting is imperative.
  3. The GM will run the game On The Fly, the action driven by the players.
  4. Only details from the previous sessions will be detailed between session.
  5. the HackMaster rules will be simplified to encourage this kind of play.

The campaign will be more narrative in nature and the player's input will specifically create new situations. The Players are in charge of helping to define the world, challenges, and situations. the GM will be focused on keeping the campaign coherent.

Tools Required

  • Tons of random tables and charts (for inspiration)
  • Blank note cards (for organizing notes in game)
  • Imagination and improvisation skill (for fun)
  • Beer (for general role playing groove)
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