Baphomet is worshiped in many forms but all see the god as some sort of Wise Parent who dispenses knowledge to the faithful.

The Cathedral of All Pervasive Darkness
A secretive sect of The Wyrd that also worships Baphomet and believe:

  • Life is stymied with too much social control and order
  • The nature of reality is chaos
  • The strong survive until the Gods decide to snuff out life
  • Life is there for the taking

Initiation into the order of Baphomet is an arduous task and only very few know of it. They are at odds with The Eternal Flame and violence is a regular outcome of meetings.

Illuminated Sages of the Written Word
There are some groups of scholars who worship Baphomet as a guardian of knowledge and refer to him as "The Father of Words".
They believe:

  • The written word is sacred
  • True Literacy allows ones to read the secrets written into all texts
  • Baphomet is the conduit for understanding
  • The spoken word has Power

Facts & Rumors

  • Baphomet has walked the towers and bridges of Aldsburg
  • Baphomet is an elder god in a new form
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