Lore Most Eldritch & Arcame
  • Wizards channel power from the Patchwork Kingdom
  • Sorcerers are generally feared and loathed because they bring wickedness with them where they go
  • Aldsburg has a Tower of Art that is said to house a school of wizards

Wizard Totems
All wizards have a totem that helps them deal with the insane power of the Patchwork Kingdom. The following are a list of known totems.

  • The Underworld
  • Fire
  • Frost
  • Storms
  • Ravens
  • Rage
  • Darkness
  • Smoke
  • Blades

Free Casting
Unlike the wizards ages past who were bound by a reality limited in contact with the Patchwork Kingdom, the sorcerers of this Age have the ability to open themselves to the Darkness and attempt to cast whatever comes to mind. This makes those who practive the arcane arts far more dangerous. Of course not following the ancient tomes and rituals and pushing themselves well beyond their ability to cope will find that Backlash takes a toll. It is this Backlash - manifestation of the Patchwork on reality that cause terror and instability. Sometimes it bends the caster's mind, other time their physical form, and occasionally things come through …. terrible monstrous things …

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